Polypropylene film BOPP is one of the most commonly used materials in the packaging industry. Thanks to its properties, it is used to produce packaging for food products, e.g. cookies, chocolate products, wafers, ice cream, pasta, crisps, snacks, breads, as well as for wrapping tea boxes, coffee, cosmetics, flowers e.t.c.


To make the packaging meet the requirements of customers, Alupol Films produces five-layer co-extruded films with different properties. Depending on the purpose, different types of BOPP films are produced:



Transparent BOPP film with high transparency and gloss

Matt BOPP film with a high degree of matting.

White  BOPP film with very high whitening and gloss and high opacity.

Pearl BOPP film with excellent optical properties

Metallized BOPP film with a high light barrier.



The films are produced on a 8,7 m Brückner machine one of the most modern machines in Europe.




Typ Rodzaj Specyfikacja
TSA coex, transparent Download specification 
TSA LS coex, transparent, low seal temperature Download specification 
TSA AF coex, transparent, antifog Download specification 
TSB coex, transparenta, dwustronna aktywacja Download specification 
TNA plain, transparent Download specification 
TNAR plain, transparent, with release layer Download specification 
TNF plain, transparent, blunt (higher COF value) Download specification 
TNX plain, transparent, antistatic Download specification 
TST coex, matte Download specification 
TLT coex, matte Download specification 
TSN coex, transparent, for metallization Download specification 
TSM metallized Download specification 
TSM B metallized with both side treatment  Download specification 
TSM HB metallized with higher barrier properties Download specification 
TSM LS metalized; Low seal temp Download specification 
PSA pearlized Download specification 
PSB pearlized, both side treated Download specification
PSC pearlized, Specially formulated for cold-seal coating applications Download specification
PSL pearlized, for labelling Download specification
WSA white Download specification
WSB white, both side treated Download specification


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