Polypropylene BOPP metalized films

Polypropylene biaxially oriented film is one of the most commonly used materials in the packaging industry. Thanks to its properties, it is used for the production of packaging for food products, such as cookies, chocolate products, wafers, ice cream, pasta, crisps, snacks, breads, as well as for wrapping tea boxes, coffee, cosmetics, CDs, DVDs, flowers e.t.c.


BOPP film is known by very good sealability, favorable mechanical properties and low permeability of water vapor and aroma.


Polypropylene film can be printed on using both rotogravure and flexographic printing. It can be used as a monofilm or it can be a component of laminates created in the process laminated with solvent and solvent-free methods. The packaging based on it is used on horizontal HFFS and vertical VFFS packaging machines. The tightness of the packaging can be obtained by sealing or with an additional cold seal layer.


Metallized polypropylene film sealable on the non-metallized side, characterized by high barrier against light and water vapor and aroma.




- metallized BOPP polypropylene film,

- standard one side treated

- excellent metal adhesion on the activated side

- low seal temperature

- excellent barrier properties (water vapor, aroma)


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The product sold has a food contact approval and is used by many consumers throughout Europe.

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